I went into an autopilot mode for about 5 years or so. Time and space didn’t really matter. A state of numbness or some sort of day dreaming. Conscious day dreaming. Where you eat, walk, work, workout, achieve, sleep, laugh…. but still not completely present. Autopilot? No. I think it was more then that.
I am not sure if you know about life as a busy business man in busy Tokyo but its quit an experience. At first it gets busy then very busy then juggling many balls while trying to keep your head above water then completely jammed then a complete burnout. By the time I stopped and asked myself “what the hell is going ?”, the hell was already going on. It was like that scene from the Matrix where Neo started to see things more clearly and slow. I decided I will quit “today” on a Tuesday 9:23am. Just like that. Yes I know. Damn Libra. Trust me, I live with this.

Walked from the office like that Scene from Hulk when he turned green for the first time. Ripped shit apart. Metaphorically of course. Well I did “really” turn green. It was one of the most liberating moments in my adults life. Air felt better, shoulder felt wider and straight, head felt quieter and lean…..
It made me think in that moment of peace, Why did I allow this to drag for so long? I couldn’t find the answer to this. And the more I thought about the less I understood.

So I took off for a 3 months holidays to Europe. tuturuuuuu
I will speak about what happened in Europe in a different article. This was one of the best experiences I had in my life . It made me rethink many aspects of my life that I used to really believe in. For example , I was trying to retire by early 40s. Now I decided I will never ever retire . I need to be inside the action and be part of the action. It makes me sharp and feel very alive. Second , prioritize travel over anything martial. The clothes , watches , the late night drinking are not my thing anymore . I don’t feel depth in them anymore. I prefer a simple but very deep life.

Every once in a while I feel my body and soul wakes up. I feel it happens almost every year when I look around and I make drastic changes to improve myself. It goes from simple changes like diet, style, way of living. To sometime bigger changes believes, thought process, friends groups, investments…Etc

I felt like I woke up from a very long sleep . Honestly speaking I don’t know why I was loving such an unconscious life for such a long time . But anyways maybe it was important for me so I can see what both sides feel like .

All my senses feel very alert . Like the whole world ( at least my world ) become in slow motion. Glad that I have reached here without any big injuries . Because life wasn’t easy on y and will never be. But again , that’s the way I wanted it .

Love you all. Ash


This article is not about the bike mirrors. 🙂

Once every few years I pay my irregular visit to my homeland. the mother land. These visits are usually full or joy, memories, nostalgia, good times, good foods…Etc

My latest visit was in 2013 where I invited few friends from Switzerland to tag along and enjoy my country. Before going home, I have decided to make a 4 days stop in Paris. The City of Love. The city of Romance. During that stay I paid a visit to my old room mate and best friend who was delighted to have me with him.
We spent 4 days of laughter while enjoying wine, food, coffee, fashion and each other`s company. We talked about everything and nothing even though I haven`t seen him for 8 years. True friend ship is always special that way. He reminded me of my self. A part of me I completely forgot and berried inside me. It was like hearing stories for the first time in my life. Great stories of us drinking everywhere and anywhere without worrying about anything in life. It was great time to reflect on the humans we used to be. Limitless, free, careless, young,stupid, pure and genuine. We believed in true love. In a country where love equals money, we actually really believed in love. We were very different from others. Hence the people we are now. The most interesting part is how our belief system has transcended with time, environment and also people we meet.

I dislike stagnation in any form. If we don’t grow, change and transcend then we are not living true life. I hear people saying “I know who I am and I know what I want”. It always makes me question, “do you really know who you are and what you will be in the next 5 minutes ?
What if an earthquake hits town?
What if you are with a situation where choice A and B are against your believe system but you have to choose one?
What if you suddenly get sick?….Can you really know who you are? I don’t believe so.
We are the sum of the experience, environment, parent, where we grew up, people that we’ve met, culture, books and ideas we have. But these are changing as we speak. Meaning the sum of my experience is changing as we speak. How and why should we judge something good or bad based only in what we know? That will limit our growth and our human experience. Additionally, each situation has it own set up. I think before giving solution or judging we should assess everything then draw a conclusion. Not the way around. Trust I do this all the time and I am trying to stop it when my brain and my thoughts start to fire ideas. I try to question these ideas. Why I feel this way? Why I think this way without knowing full story.
Bottom line is, give a chance to new ideas, value, even if they scare you, a chance to be expressed. We are multidimensional beings with a fantastic potential to flourish. Lets flourish and bring beauty to our loved ones and to this wonderful earth.
Love. Ash

BMW R9T. Rebirth

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this little article for those out there who have the same BMW boxer passion that I have. That thing just looks and sounds out of this world.
As you may have known already, BMW came with the R9T as heritage of the Boxer legend that made few of us fall head over heels.
I purchased mine a year ago and from day one I sent it directly for some painting job and almost full costume work. I refused to ride the R9T the way it looks from the factory. Such a waste.
Before making the purchase I knew exactly how I wanted the end product to look like. I literally watched every video on youtube related to R9T in English or other languages. The videos were either with little info or missing the key element or shop name or after market part name that could have helped me through this project. But with some help I could get what I have wanted.

First most important thing is to decide what look do I want. I went for the cafe racer style which matches my personality. By the way, I didn’t know that about my self until I had the honor to ride my friends R9T. From there it was done deal. I used to be a sport bike racer. BMW s1000RR, full track suit, hit the track twice a week type of guy. But not after I touched the R9T soul. Something changed in me that I didn’t know what exactly. But I knew I wanted an R9T and keep the S1000RR. Cos the S1000RR is also something very very special. I would not dwell on that on this article.

So first , for the cafe racer look 3 things are massively important. low Hand bars, tail and muffler. So I started with those. Low hand bar from Rizoma, Tail from BMW original back seat cover ( which I think is super sexy)and last but not least the Muffler. I was going for the Mass Muffler from Italy. An actually purchased it and put it for a week. Looks and sounds pretty amazing. until I heard the ZARD 2 in 2 muffler from Italy. Oh Lord. Made the bike look, sound and feel very special. So I went for that.
Then I couldn’t help but notice the back suspension ugly look. Not only that, it was very painful to ride on a bunny road. I don’t know something was off coming from S1000RR directly to a bike like R9T. So I switched that to Ohlins. The Gold color also gave that badass elegant look that matches the front suspension.
After that I moved to the winkers. I thought I came this far why not go all the way ( I am pretty bad like that. Very addictive personality). So I ordered the back lights from Fancy Bike things, and front LED from NRC. The quality and the finish on these two product is outstanding. Then I was thinking I needed the space between the back tire and back seat should be cleared. So I took off the back foot-pegs and back plate number to a different place (wenderlich). Next was the odometer (Motogadgets), front finder (Rizoma), and front break and gear pegs to Rizoma as well. I also didn’t like the color on then boxer engine itself. So I got the RSD engine cover (Full set). The result is ……well As you can see. You make your judgment.

This is not it. I found a mechanic ( a rare mechanic who wasn’t strict about putting modes on BMW. Dealer are soooo strict. BMW doesn’t encourage the costume) and we will go full front and back seat transformation this winter. Plus the air intake box.

Hope you enjoy.

Dancing in the Storm

It has being a few month since I haven’t written anything. I love to hand write with a pen and a piece of paper so I got a little lazy writing on my PC.

I have read some really good books lately. Just random books about self improvement, discovery, survival, death.. Very good read from a complete different angles. Going through these books made me notice a certain pattern. A certain equation that was repeated through almost all the books. It was fascinating to me to learn that but at the same time it was not a surprise since the same message was drilled in us by every elder person in our lives.

I remember my grandma used to tell me to enjoy food, and eat slowly. At a time I was shoveling food quickly and rushing out of the table to go play football or do other activities. If you look at the biography or almost every prophet/scientist/great leader, they all speak of concentration, or a quit time to your self, or meditation, enjoy the moment to it very last second.

Also in relation ships, I think most failed ones come from an unbalance in something we have or do. Could be personalities, characters, way of living or vision. But I think it comes down to one thing. How do we focus on our selves before focusing on someone else. How much love and respect do we have for our selves before loving someone else. How much dedication and enjoyment we have in doing little tasks, like eating together, listening together to music, watching our kids growing, listening to our partners and offering genuine help. I think the whole point is live in the moment and enjoy to the fullest whatever you are doing and do it with complete compassion and dedication. Whether its a relation ship, a project, a dream or simply just having a meal.

I personally always thought I knew better then my parents, Grandparents and so on. But little did I know, their teachings has deep meaning and values. Send some love to our parents.

All the love . Ash 🙂


Tomorrow is my birthday. October 8th. Birthdays, new years, new borns and death are those very special moments when a human being start to think about life and time. What is time? Where did I spend the last …I don`t know how many years. Time has being passing so fast that I didn`t really have time to think about “time”. Funny to say but it is true.

So let`s take some time an reflect on the subject. What is time? Why do we say , time is money. Is it true or is it just an expression ?

I grew up in a country where wages were not paid on a timely basis. Where nothing was on time. Where the whole concept of time was almost not existing. People take naps everyday for 2 hours. Lunch breaks are at least for 2 hours. If you go for a quick coffee break, that meant a 5 hours break. Very laid back culture where we say as a proverb, ” those who rushed are dead” . So the whole experience and feeling of time was semi existing to me.

Moved to another country when I was twenty and being there since, where everything, well almost everything is measured by time. Where buses and trains came on the dot. Your salary is a simple calculation how the hourly worked within that month.  Time time time. The dead line was so crucial that if you miss to submitted a report or anything 2 seconds after the deadline your report  will be rejected. That`s lady and gentlemen is Japan.

So what is time and what is the value of time?

When we were in a boys trip to the Philippines Mactan Island, every moment, every second, every experience felt very deep and full with energy and love. If you have a problem or if you feel sad, then every moment and second felt heavy and long.

The other variable here is our human cells are programmed to age with time. We were little and inexperienced and we become older and wiser. So time in emptiness or in space doesn’t mean that much does it. If we were immortal time would not mean anything would it? So the most valuable thing is not just time but what do you do during your limited time. What do you learn, where do you travel, who do you meet, what do you think about, what do you achieve, what do you feel and experience and what impact we have on each other.

All the love from Ash



I have being thinking about this word “expectations”. Wether personal, professional or emotional. Most times something goes wrong or something upsets you or puts you in a bad mood is because the outcome of whatever it is didn’t match your expected outcome. Why is that ?

Take a few minutes to think about what was the last thing that upsets you and meditate over it.

You will realize that we always have an expected outcome of an “A” situation but when it doesn’t match the actual end product, we tend to get angry and lose control. Your boss didn’t keep a promise, your husband didn’t come home on time, your child didn’t behave a certain way, your loved ones didn’t show enough respect or care, your body didn’t lose fat or gained muscle….Etc.

So, knowing that expectations could drive you mad, How can we control that cycle in order to have closer gap between the two? (Expectation # Result)

One solution could be to not expect at all. Just live the moment and whatever comes you roll with it. Result: living a happy life.

Second, could be that you expect the worst. In this case any result is better than worst case. Result: living a happy life.

Or, in this case, and what I actually prefer, is to control the environment. Since I was very little my mum use to tell that if she promised me something and She didn’t deliver it I would go absolutely mad. I still do. 🙂

Since I started communicating my expectations, either to my self (on my diary) or to people, I am living a better life. In a relation ship for example, I try to set those expectations or communicate them from the very early stage. So that way you won’t be in situation where you are told “you changed”. Actually we do change and that’s the beauty of life. But the change should not be drastic. We change because in the beginning of a relation ship we are so madly in love that we forget about ourselves and our needs. Once the love starts to fade, our real “us” emerges and at that point what was expected from us and what we deliver become different. “You changed”. Most likely at that point the cheatings, the lies, the break up starts. Sad but true. 😦

Also professionally, if we communicate clearly what we are looking for from our career prospective and what dreams we are seeking to achieve, the outcome would be much better.  I personally  break the big expectation to mini expectations that are communicated on a monthly bases to my report lines and my teams.  The result: living a happy life.

Finally, in your physic. Most people get pumped about working out, the get a gym member, supplements from the Internet and after few months they start slagging and eventually quiet the gym. Here again the expectation and the end result was not matching. Hence the demotivation.

I have being training over 15 years and yet I haven’t reached the physic in my dream. Which is basically having massive legs. 🙂 But I never lost sight and I never quiet. Of course I have days when absolutely frustrated with myself and my body. What I do is I set smaller projects or “expectation” inside the massive expected plan. If I reach that little step, I reward my self. I am pretty good at rewarding myself :-). It’s ridiculous. But what I mean is I reward myself to stay focused and satisfied with what I have. But again, I am in total control of the environment. I calculate my intakes, I workout intensely, I don’t party or fool around. Meaning I have communicated I expectations to myself and I am committed to it. Result: happy life.

I hope this simple writing will help you in your future plans. If it does please tell me.

All the love from Ash.


The Beauty in You

Here I am, after few months of not writing, sitting front of my screen thinking: What should my next post be about?

It has been a very long few months. If I am not mistaken I think it is the first time I ever done a proper inventory. An inventory of thoughts, experience, events, friends, health, finance, family…and most importantly of peace.

By now, and maybe after my 4th post, I think everybody can see that I am seeking peace and happiness. Once done I will transcend it to my loved ones. I am actually fortunate to have accoutered and experienced these last few tough months. It made me strong and aware of so many things. The one thing I would like to share here is that it made me aware of my own existence. It made me question why some events provoke and manifeste certain feelings, and who create these feelings and thoughts or even who reacts? Is it me ? or something inside me?

I spent these last 6 months reading some good spiritual and autobiography books, joining some great group discussions with highly conscience people and meditating 30 minutes a day. Either at home or in my bed just before sleeping. I dont read the news or check my phone anymore. I just wanted a proper Detox from everything.

The result:

I stated to feel the real Me. The capital M was no mistake. The entity that reacts and creates thoughts and feelings. That entity that is connected to everything and feels everything. That light inside all of us. That beauty in you, in me and all of us.

If you analyse the most spiritually successful people and the most influential amongst them, you can come across a common dominator. A way of life and a way of thinking that makes them different and unique. That common dominator is they all have a strong sense of their presence and consciousness. Also they have a certain peace and acceptance of facts the way they are without reacting to them. This is easy said then done, especially for reactive person like myself. 🙂

What I would like to get through to you with this post is simple and at the same time, because of external influences and distractions, very complexe. We all have a gorgeous inner light that shines with a powerful beauty. We just need to clear the clouds. No husband, no boyfriend, no health, no salary raise, no anything could make you feel it or feel good about your self. You better feel it on your own and enjoy every moment in your life. Remember, life is way too short to spend it thinking and wondering. The answer is right inside you. Reach for it.

Thank you for reading. I love you all.


This is the season we all think about changes and how we can achieve a better coming year. We think of resolutions and changes we would like to make to become a better husband, friend, daughters and sons. Better human beings. What often happens is we actually crave those changes and that better image of us. We want to upgrade our skills, learn more, love more, train more, save more money and time. We actually do those changes for a week, 2 weeks or a months. And than what happens? We fall back into our old us. We fall back to our simple version of us. The not fulfilling version of us. The 1.0 version of us.
It`s hard to change. It takes an extra little bit more of love, effort, determination to reach that new level of being. It`s so easy to fall back because we know that stat. We have being there. It`s our comfort zone. We know the ins and outs of that stat. We know the exact metrics to be on that 1.0 version.
What do you I recommend? And who am I to recommend in a first place?
Well simply enough, I am someone exactly like you who craves those changes and want to reach that new me. The better loving, the fit, the more organized and so on. The 2.0.

I recommend to write it down and put it somewhere you can wake up to it every morning. We need to have it in our thoughts day in day out. Dream about.
Write it down and plan it they you plan your trip to Thailand or to a new country. Think of it as your own personal life project. Break it down to little subproject and each time you achieve a subproject, celebrate it with your loved ones and keep going. Tell the whole world about it (not a difficult task with Facebook status. 🙂 ). Break it down to what you should do each hour of the whole month.
Last but not least measure your self compared to those subproject and see where you are at. Make this your priority number one. Ask and learn about changes and what you need to achieve them. Either you are looking for physical change, financial or spiritual. Read read and keep reading. Ask people who have made changes what did they go through.

The one pattern I saw asking everybody who actually made changes is that they wanted that change way more than they want their current situation. Simple math.

Try it from today and keep me posted. I want to hear your change. I will share mine in return.

Love and peace. Ash

Inner and Outer energy

Very simply, if you want to look good you need to have a perfect balance between you inner energy and outer energy. What I mean with inner energy is to be at peace in your heart and soul. Sounds difficult since this is what every human want isn’t it? Well, first you need to do some brain and soul inventory. Check within your self the good things that you have and the bad thing, or lets just call them the improvement you need to make. After that try to write them down and acknowledge them and most importantly accept them. The more you accept them the more you will naturally lean toward repairing and improving them. Once you got that sorted out it`s time to learn about your outer energy. Meaning how do you come through to others. It wouldn’t hurt at all to ask family and very close friends how do they see you. You might hear you are emotional, angry, funny, smart …whatever. What the close people see in you could be correct to some extend. You might have never paid attention to it but it could be true. Once you got that all figured out you need ( only you to decide on what makes you happy ) to find that perfect balance between what you have in your heart and what you would like to look like in the outside. Not only physical looks but also the energy that comes from your soul. Including the tone of voice, your gestures, your breathing, your thoughts..Etc. It`s a lot of work and it might take years. But once you start you will eventually get there. Once you reach that perfect balance you will notice, your family and partner will notice, and the whole world might as well. It’s a beautiful place to be. Try it and send me feedback.